lcsútdoboz is a land full of sights:

  • About two kilometres from the house can be found one of the most beautiful golf clubs of Hungary, The Pannonia Golf and Country Club, where an 18-hole lawn's waiting for the lovers of this game.
  • After a short walk you can reach the Botanical Garden of Alcsútdoboz at the border of the village. In the garden there are the ruins of a classical castle, which was built by Mihály Pollack. The more than 40 acres land of the castle park gives home for the garden with several vegetal rarities, and provides a nice recreation for nature lovers.
  • You can visit the latter baroque reformed churches of Alcsútdoboz and Doboz.
  • Fishing, horse-riding facilities at the border of the village.
  • The wine-country of Etyek provides a great leisure for visitors.

port and Hobby:

In the house and the garden there are bull's eye, tenpin bowling, bycicle riding, table tennis, chess, card game, and pool billiard facilities.